How to Add Airpods to Find my iPhone

Apple AirPods are one of the well-known wireless headset solutions and have amazing features such as noise cancellation and long battery life. They are pretty comfortable to wear for hours.

But, here the question arises: is it possible to add Airpods to find iPhone? It is just because AirPods are small and portable, so it is easy to lose them. This is when Find My iPhone becomes useful.

So, in this blog, we will discuss some of the quick fixes to add the iPhone to the app.

Further, when you pair your Earbuds with your phone, the Earbuds will appear in the Find My App. However, if it does not appear in the app, read the complete guide to learn how you can add your AirPods.

Moreover, using other safe tracking software to locate your Apple devices is the best way in most cases. But at the same time, AirPods are not directly connected to your Apple ID like other devices.


What is the Find My App Feature?

Find My App is both an application and a service that assists you in locating misplaced items. You can use this feature on your Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, AirTag, and AirPods.

Hence, if you lose any device or iPod, the app provides you with several methods to assist you in finding it. Thus, if you lose your AirPods nearby, they can play a particular sound that travels across rooms well to help you locate them.

Moreover, if you can’t find anything nearby, the app allows you to use a map to see where they are. In addition, if the battery of the AirPods runs low, it will drop its last location. When your devices are not online, other people nearby can send encrypted data about the location of your AirPods.

But keep in mind that the app only works for Apple devices.

How to Set up Your Airpods to Find My iPhone

The feature will not work for your AirPods. If you have not linked your buds to a device connected to your iCloud account, since they are not connected to the iCloud, you have to depend on the other devices for setup.

So, it’s quite easy to add the earbuds to the Find My Service. You have to pair your AirPods with an Apple device. The essentials may differ from each other, but overall it’s quite the same for all. So let’s move to the steps.

  • First, remove your Earbuds from the charging case and view the lid. When doing the setup, keep the AirPods in their cases (they will not connect if one is lost).
  • Then, view your device’s Bluetooth settings from the Bluetooth menu.
  • Next, you have to go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure that the Google switch is switched on.

  • Moreover, Mac OS X users have to go to the Apple icon>System preferences and enable Bluetooth to allow it.

  • Next, push and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the light starts to blink within the case, which will take a minute.

  • After that, choose the name of your AirPods by clicking on it from the Bluetooth settings.
  • Then, it will start to work together without any issue. Now the Earbuds have been effectively linked to an Apple device.

How to Activate the “Find My iPhone” Feature

To ensure that your AirPods are not lost, check that Find My iPhone is enabled on the device. In order to turn on the features, follow the below steps:

  • View your iPhone’s Settings app.

  • Then, click on your name and then on iCloud, or go directly to iCloud if you have a 10.2 or earlier version of iOS.
  • Next, move down and choose to Find My.

  • After that, you have to again tap on the Find my iPhone.

  • Then, turn on the feature and send the last location by tapping the option.

All of your linked devices, including the Airpods, will be immediately set up when you allow this feature.

How to Switch on Find My For Your Mac

You can also enable the Find My AirPods feature on a Mac. Here are the steps:

  • Select Apple menu > System Settings. In an earlier version of macOS, select Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Click your name, then tap iCloud. In earlier macOS versions, tap on Apple ID, then select iCloud.
  • Keep Scrolling down and select Find My, then tap Turn On.

  • Ensure that you can find your Mac if it’s ever lost or stolen; check that Find My Mac is On and Find My network is On. Although in earlier versions of macOS, select Options in order to check that both are switched on.

How to Locate Airpods When They Are Online

When your lost Earbuds are nearby, your Phone will quickly track them down, like under the drawer. My iPhone will show you a map where you can see their location, including where other devices you have connected to the Phone are.

You can apply “Find My” with your computer or your iPhone.

  • Go to com and sign in to your Apple Account.
  • Then, tap on Find iPhone.

  • Choose All Devices at to apex and select your Airpods to check where they are.

Here are the steps to check the location of Airpods on your Phone.

  • View the Find My app on your Phone.

  • Then, click on Devices and then click on your Earbuds.

If the app does not locate the AirPods, you will see a warning on your screen—”No Location Found.” If each Earbud is in another place, the app will display them one by one. You should restore the map and locate the other one when you locate one.

Furthermore, if they are close to the device to which you have connected them and the Bluetooth connection is not broken, but you still cannot locate them.

So, use the Find My iPhone feature to create the sound, and the AirPods will play a sound that gradually gets louder. It will sound for up to two minutes unless you switch it off.

How We Can Add Airpods to iCloud

You can easily add your Airpods to iCloud with the following steps.

  • First, remove the lid from the Earbuds Case.
  • Then, put the Earbuds case with the lid open beside your iPhone or iPad.
  • After that, your iOS smartphone will recognize it and command you to link them.
  • Next, choose “Connect.”


Q1: What should I do to prevent losing my AirPods?

Ans: Luckily, Apple developed separation alerts for the latest versions of AirPods and iOS. It will ring an alarm on your iPhone when you move away from your Earbuds.

To enable this latest feature, first, you have an iPhone 12 or newer version, then toggle the option in Settings. The Notify When Left Behind selection is under the Devices tab in Find My iPhone.

Also you will search out here: How to Find Your AirPods Case And Recover it Quickly.

Q2: What can I do if I can’t find one of my buds?

Ans: You can buy a replacement bud from Apple whether you are using an older model or the latest one. Even it will be cheaper if you have Apple Care on your AirPods.

Hence, either head to the Apple website and order a new bud for your model or go to an Apple store to get the replacement directly. Also, you can order a new case.

Final Words

“Find My” is actually a great feature and the best backup option. But first, you have to set up your iPhone with the Find My iPhone feature.

As such, it is a valuable tool for locating the last location of your AirPods and making a sound so you can locate them easily.

So far in this blog, we’ve discussed how you can add your AirPods to Find My iPhone and how to locate your Earbuds if you’ve misplaced them. So, if you have ever used this feature, let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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