How To Turn Up Volume On Airpods Via Siri Command?

Just visualize you are on a crucial phone call of your work meeting, but you can’t hear anything because your phone call’s audio gets overpowered by the background vocals. Or you are Listening to Music while making food for yourself. But low and behold, your Airpods are already at the maximum sound and still sound so inaudible. Maybe the sound is not even the actual matter. Don’t worry; most complications are unassuming to sort out. To manage this situation, here’s how to turn up the volume on Airpods and get the whole thing as it must be.

Key Points

  • You might have diverse ways of cooperating with your Airpods that depend on their variety.
  • Our computer-generated assistant Siri needs an iPhone 6s or later series to command her.
  • Before using your Airpods, keep them fully charged to work fine for you.

Can I Adjust the Volume on Airpods?

Of course, Yes.

Your Airpods sound amplification setting & volume can be changed in various ways. However, there is no sound adjustment button on the Airpod or Airpods Pro, but we may simultaneously change it by using Siri’s commands. You may also adjust the volume using the iPhone or any other device. All Airpod models, including the first generation, second generation, pro, and pro max, are compatible with these updates.

How to Turn Up the Volume using Siri in 1st Generation of Airpods?

how to turn up volume on airpods pro
how to turn up volume on airpods pro

The most appropriate way to control the sound of your Airpods is to use the Siri command. You must first connect your Airpod with your iPhone or iPad to do this method. Follow the steps to connect both devices (Airpod and iOS).

  • Open your iPhone and navigate to the settings
  • In the settings menu bar, click on the Bluetooth
  • Now select your Airpod in the list of paired
  • When you find it, tap on the info icon (i).
  • Now both (the iPhone and 1st generation of Airpod) are connected.

So, let’s hover over the steps to control the volume by commanding everyone’s favorite Siri.

  • After connecting both of the devices, double tap on your Airpod.
  • You can either tap on the left or right side to activate Siri.
  • After that, say hey Siri turn up the volume.
  • If you want to decrease the volume, say hey Siri, reduce the volume.

Can I Raise the Volume by Using Siri in my 2nd Generation of Airpods?

Apple server has introduced a new feature in the 2nd generation of Airpod, which is more suitable to use than the 1st generation of Airpods. The double tap on the earphone to command Siri is not applicable in the second generation of Airpod. However, the process has remained the same to raise and decrease the volume of your Airpod, which is written above for you.

Can I Use Siri to Increase the Volume on my Apple Airpod Pro & Max?

how to turn volume up on airpods
how to turn volume up on airpods

Yes, the apple server allows users to adjust the volume of their Airpod pro and max to use the Siri command. To turn up or low the music sound in your Airpods, you must connect your device with your iPhone and iPad. Here are the steps to follow.

Connect your Airpods with iPhone or iPad

  • Open your iOS device and navigate to the settings
  • In the settings menu, select the Bluetooth
  • Here choose your Airpod device to pair them.
  • Now your iPhone and Airpod are connected.

Command Siri to Increase the Volume: Say Exact Slang to Siri

If you want to increase the volume level, say, “hey Siri, increase the volume.” Make sure you express clearly and loudly so she will convey your instructions.

How to Make Airpods Louder Using Volume Slider?

Are you in a library or a quiet place? You don’t want to interrupt peacetime by talking to Siri. So, we have another method you can apply to turn up and down the volume level from your iPod or iPhone.

  • Open your device and go to the control center.
  • Now swipe up from the bottom of the display screen.
  • Here you will see the volume slider. So, drag the slider up or down.

Another way is that in case your phone screen is locked, you can also increase and decrease the volume of your Airpod by dragging the slider left or right.

Note: Both methods work for all models of Airpods like 1st& 2nd generation of Airpod and Airpod pro and max.

Can I Use Apple Watch to Control the Volume Level of Airpod Max?

Suppose you are wearing an Apple Watch on your wrist, which is connected to the iPhone and ultimately on your Airpods. You can use the iWatch to control the level on the Airpod, Airpod 2, Airpod pro, and max.

Here are the easy steps you must follow to adjust the volume of your Airpods in all models.

  • Open your iPhone and tap on the settings
  • In the setting menu, select the Bluetooth
  • Then tap on the (i) information icon from the Airpods max option.
  • In the information panel, click on the Digital crown
  • When you enter the digital crown, you will see two options.
  • Choose any one of them. That’s it.

Do You Want to Turn up the Volume of Airpod on Android Devices?

Increasing the Airpods sound from the android device is an easy peasy task. At first, you have to connect both devices (your Airpod and your android phone or Tab). To do that, follow these steps.

  • Open your android device and go to the settings
  • In the settings menu, select the Bluetooth
  • Here you see an option of Airpods Max. Tap on the info icon(i).
  • After that, tap on the digital crown; here, you will see two options. Tap any one of them.

Does my Airpods Volume Control Use a MacBook?

When you are using MacBook, and your Airpods are connected with it. You can correspondingly control the volume straightforwardly. Here are the modest steps you can follow to do this process.

  • At first, click on the apple logo that you will see on the top of the screen.
  • A menu list drive seems on your screen. Here selects the menu bar
  • Afterward, go to the system preference and tap on the sound.
  • Now click on the output. At that point, select your Airpod device.
  • In this window, you will see a volume bar at the bottom.
  • Here adjusts the volume as you want.

What to do when Airpods Sound doesn’t Increase Even at Full Volume?

how to turn the volume up on airpods
how to turn the volume up on airpods

Similar to other headsets, Airpods can also have problems, including not being as loud as they used to be when you first bought them, even when they are turned up all the way. However, there isn’t a specific solution to this issue. There are many potential causes of the low sound coming from the Airpods.

So, let’s see the tips you can apply when your Airpods volume does not turn on.

Check the Sound Settings

Another reason your Airpods are not louder is that maybe the settings are not organized. You can easily adjust it. Just hover over the settings application on your phone and click on Music. Here correct the sound settings.

Reconnect your iPhone and Airpods

It is probably possible that your phone device and Airpods are not a standardization mode. So just try to reconnect them and then check whether the sound is turned on or not.

Try to Clean your Airpods

Dust particles may occasionally reduce your AirPods sound. Additionally, since earwax is similar to human skin, Airpod tends to collect it when they are inserted into the ear. You can fix the problem by cleaning the Airpods.

Wrapped Up

With these modest solutions now, you had better understand how to turn up the volume of your Airpods. You have to connect your headset with your desired device and the command to Siri to enquire to do the task with voice.

Moreover, we also shared that you can change or adjust the sound on the MacBook and Apple Watch connected to your Airpods. Do you have more inquiries? Delightedly leave a message below the post.

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