Kernel Security Check Failure ( Techniques to Resolve Errors)

Are you worried about continuously seeing the Blue screen of the Desktop? Everyone is facing the problem of kernel security check failure, and it is awful as well. Kernel security failure is described as an error showing the failed compatibility and the blue screen. When this error occurs in a system, it will pop up on your screen of windows OS and show you the blue screen of death. There must be some primary cause of the error, including virus infections, settings, memory issues, malware, and sometimes due to outdated or faulty drivers. Which you must check or update. This blog will explain the causes of errors and different methods to remove the errors.

Why Does the Kernel Security Check Failure Occur

When the error occurs, it displays death’s blue screen (BSOD). There are multiple reasons for the kernel security errors when people install window 10. The different installation of software can also cause it. And when you are facing the  kernel security stop code, the probable root causes are:

kernel security check failure windows 10
kernel security check failure windows 10
  • System outdatedness sometimes becomes the cause of the error. In this case, you have to install the latest version of Windows Update. It will help you keep safe data free from errors.
  • When your PC suffers from malware, you have to scan it, remove the threats, and resolve the kernel security check error.
  • The error occurs because the driver we are using is outdated and works better for the older version. You have to update the latest drivers to avoid bugs.
  • Errors also occurred because of the corrupted file system and malware that affected your files.
  • The errors can also come due to third-party antivirus software, which interferes with the system and can cause the kernel security failure error.

Methods to Fix the Kernel Security Check Failure with the BSOD Error

When these errors occur, you don’t precisely know the trouble. You’ll think it may be a virus, memory loss, or corrupted files. So you will have to explore how to fix the problems. The errors on the blue screen cause issues for users of Windows 10. The error might cause damage to your device or erase your progress on your device. But the beneficial aspect is that each blue error comes with a code to determine why the crash happened and how we will fix it.

stop code kernel security check failure
stop code kernel security check failure

Fix No 1: Damaged Files Error

The kernel security check failure appears due to damaged or corrupted file systems. To manage the system, run the file checker tool with the command type “sfc/scannow.” And enter it. The tool is helpful and will run and replace the damaged or corrupted files from the cache throughout the reboot.

Fix No 2: Memory Error

Recognize the memory issues with the tool of memory diagnostics available in windows 7.8 and 10. The tool will appear when you go to the control panel and then write “memory.” Then click on diagnose to run this tool. The tool also helps you to test the RAM of your PC. When it shows errors, it points towards the errors of the RAM and memory.

Fix No 3: Driver Error

A driver verifier is a tool to detect errors in drivers and is used to check the corrupted drive. To run this tool, type “verifier/” in the command prompt to run the driver. After that, you have to choose the driver you want to observe. When you make the choices, select Finish and reboot, the tool will check the instabilities. If it shows the corrupt files, drivers must uninstall them or update them.

Fix No 4: Hard disk Error

If you doubt that a security failure is due to a hard disk, use the disc tool to analyze the problems. Windows 8 and 10 have a “chkdsk” feature for repairing issues. Run the tool on your PC by typing ” chkdsk/fc,” then restart your PC if needed.

Fix No 5: Windows Update Error

Resolving the issue of the blue screen can also be solved by running a troubleshoot in window 10. First, go to the start menu, select the settings, and then update and security, where you’ll see the troubleshooters. Next, run the troubleshooter button and wait to determine the issue. While performing the troubleshooter, your PC will shut down or restart. Check to ensure you can access and use your device when the troubleshooter finishes.

Error Scanning Tools to Avoid Kernel Security Check Failure

In windows, some tools are used to identify the bugs we face on our system. When you don’t recognize where the error comes from, you must check the viruses and install ransomware. And you can also run the tools placed on windows built-in.

windows kernel security check failure
windows kernel security check failure
  • Event viewer tool- Use the administrator tool’s event viewer on the system. Select the computer management and choose the event viewer. Then click on the Windows log, and after that, it will show you all the installed drivers on the system. Then identify the error that shows up, uninstall it, and restart your PC again.
  • DISM (deployment image servicing management) tool- DISM can scan damaged or corrupt Windows images and hard disks in the command prompt. For example, type “DISM.exe/Online/cleanup-image/Restorehealth” and then hit enter in the command prompt. Of course, once the scan is done, you have to restart your PC to check that the issue has been fixed.
  • Disable the Antivirus tool-Deactivate the antivirus tool to reduce the problems. They are helpful software, but when performing methods to remove the BSOD, it creates problems by blocking the actions, so always remember to disable antivirus software. The techniques mentioned above didn’t work, install a clean Windows 10 and check whether the security failure is removed. But before installing, do not forget to backup your system. Because if you apply a clean installation, it will clear your data.

Is the System Still Showing Errors: ( Install a Clean Window)

When the above methods and tools don’t work, you have another alternative to resolve kernel security check failure. Sometimes, the PC issues are complex to tackle, mainly when the PC shows corrupted files or window files. Updating or installing clean windows is necessary to keep it running smoothly. It will also back the system to default-free from kernel security check failure. If you face a problem fixing an error, you must install the latest clean window. A few steps may help you install the new operating system on your   PC.

  • Attach a USB to your system with a minimum capacity of 8 GB.
  • To change the USB into a bootable device, use the Windows media creation tool.
  • When the boot sequence is on the top of the installation device, you’re taken directly to the window installation.
  • If you see that the boot sequence is not in the top installation, you have to rearrange the boot sequence with the USB drive.
  • In the wizard, select Next and hit the Install Now button.
  • Then it will show you the product key code. Type the code of the product key.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, then press Next. After that, choose a custom install window (advanced) for a clean system.


The above methods will help you tackle the issues of kernel security check failure(BSOD). However, if you face the problems, try the above ways to fix and remove the error. In addition, you must check the performance of your PC daily to avoid issues. And also, remember to update your system and secure it from bugs.

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