How To Cancel OnlyFans Subscription And Account

Are you exhausted from paying the subscription charges of OnlyFans? Or not use your account as much as you desired. You have derived to the accurate place for whatever reason you want to unsubscribe from the membership on this server. We have covered the quickest and easiest step-by-step ways to cancel the OnlyFans Subscription

However, its dark side has increased reportage for the OnlyFans platform since March 2020. Many immature young people are accessing this application to trade sexually unambiguous content for money.

Vital Facts

  • A user will not obtain a refund for canceling the Subscription to this app.
  • The users of this application are 18 years or older 18, according to the strategy of this server.
  • On this platform, if you have subscription charges for your content, the site will get a 20% fee for your payment.

OnlyFans – What is it?

OnlyFans is a cyberspace content subscription application and was launched in November 2016. The platform’s founder is Tim Stokely, based in the United Kingdom and London. Users can recompence for content like photos, videos, and live streaming through once-a-month membership. However, the OnlyFans server has 130 million subscribers and mainly two million people.

This application uses chiefly by sex workers who make porn-related content. But it is also used by fitness trainers, models, musicians, YouTubers, and some artists to monitor their careers.

However, the OnlyFans application disapproves for inefficiently stopping child abuse content from socializing on this server. In August 2021, the United States Congress crusade to inspect this platform. After that, it was reported that the OnlyFans server does not permit any sexual content. But unfortunately, this decision is overturned six days later due to a counterattack from users or content creators.

Do you want to Cancel the OnlyFans Subscription?

Cancel the OnlyFans Subscription
Cancel the OnlyFans Subscription

Suppose you don’t want to view the content from a fan on the OnlyFans server. Or you are not satisfied with a subscription. Gratefully you can unsubscribe from any subscription to avoid the money indicated from this app.

Do follow the guide to unsubscribing anyone on the OnlyFans application from your various devices.

How can I Unsubscribe OnlyFans Creator Using my iPhone?

Assume you don’t like content from a creator on your OnlyFans account, so you can straightforwardly cancel the Subscription via your iPhone. Here are the steps you can track to do it.

Step1: First, open your iPhone and navigate to the OnlyFans application.

Step2: Now, log in to your account and type the name you want to unsubscribe.

Step3: Then tap on the auto-renew option a menu will pop up on your screen.

Step4: Here, select the option (disable re-bill your Subscription) or (disable auto rebill and unfollow).

Step5: Now explain why you want to cancel the Subscription from the suggested list.

Step6: Then tap on the unsubscribe option to confirm it.

How to Cancelled your Subscription to OnlyFans from my Personal Computer

On this application, you can see the content from your favorite personalities. However, it brings together a content creator and fans that offers the creator to get paid directly from their fan’s constructed monthly Subscription. If you don’t like the content of any subscriber, the server allows you to unsubscribe from the account.

Follow these simple steps to cancel the OnlyFans Subscription on your personal computer.

Step1: Open your device and go to the OnlyFans platform.

Step2: Now, log in to your account. After logging in, search for the person you want to unsubscribe.

Step3: When you have to open their page, click on the auto-renew option.

Step4: After that, a menu will pop up on your screen. Here selects the reason for unsubscribing.

Step5: Now choose any option (disable re-bill your Subscription) or (disable auto rebill and unfollow).

Step6: Next, click on the yes option to confirm.

Can I cancel OnlyFans Subscription Via My Android Phone?

You can easily unsubscribe a fan on this application using your android devices. Let’s hover over the steps to cancel a fan’s contribution.

Step1: Open your OnlyFans account on your Android phone.

Step2: At the search bar, type the creator account to whom you want to unsubscribe.

Step3: Now tap on the auto-renew option from their profile.

Step4: Then, a menu list will pop up here. Select an option (disable re-bill your Subscription) or (disable auto rebill and unfollow).

Step5: Now, choose the reason why you want to unsubscribe the fan and tap on the unsubscribe to confirm.

Try an Alternate Method to Unsubscribe a Creator

Another method to cancel the Subscription of a fan on this platform is that you can send an email to the OnlyFans support team. You have to explain why and which creator you want to unsubscribe from. Then the server will send you the confirmation email when your Subscriptions cancel.

Why can’t you Stop the Subscription on the OnlyFans? – (Causes)

Stop the Subscription on the OnlyFans
Stop the Subscription on the OnlyFans

On this server, you know a feature (auto-renew). Remember that subscribing to a creator on this platform will be at the auto-renew option. However, it does not hold the payment on the free trial as auto-renewed. So, if you want to unsubscribe a fan on the OnlyFans server, you can’t cancel or stop automatically if you have encountered any of these points.

  • When you turn off the auto-renew option, you can’t stop the Subscription on this platform.
  • Another cause is if the creator or fan increases the subscription charges, the server will not allow you to cancel the Subscription.
  • If your credit card in which you pay the subscription charges is declined, you can’t cancel the contribution.

How can I cancel my OnlyFans Subscription? – (Delete Account)

I cancel my OnlyFans Subscription
I cancel my OnlyFans Subscription

If you want to delete your account on the OnlyFans platform, move on to this application. To do this, you have to make sure of some essential things; otherwise, you can’t cancel or delete your account on this server.

  • Confirm that you don’t have a slightly active Subscription to any creator.
  • If you have any contribution in your account so, cancel it; otherwise, you can’t delete your account.

Now let us see the steps to delete your account on the OnlyFans.

Step1: Open your account on your device and hover over the profile section.

Step2: Click on the settings option from the menu list of your profile.

Step3: Go to the account page and select the delete account option.

Step4: Now, enter the Captcha. Then your OnlyFans account is deleted.

Wrapped Up

Check the instruction above to cancel a subscription on your OnlyFans account. You can do it to make sure that you will not get charged again. However, it is unbearable to get repayment on this platform. So, share your estimation of the features of this application (OnlyFans) in the comment section.

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