How To Change Roblox Name (A Gaming Platform Guide)

If you don’t know how to change the Roblox name, it does not matter. You have come to the right place to find the complete guide related to some essential tips where you should know that you are changing the display name or username on the Roblox. Remember that changing the display and user name are two different things, and we gave you the instructions about both.

In this article, we will tell you about changing the display and username on Roblox on multiple devices like Android, iPhones, computers, MacBook, XBOX, and PS4. Still, some major differences exist when you pick a new display and username on any device.


The ROBLOX is an online game streaming platform developed by David Baszucki and launched in September 2006. It has 164 million monthly users, and the Roblox game allows users to play and develop games that other users can play. Additionally, you can create an avatar that shows on your profile. This app also allows its players to buy clothes, but players with premium membership can sell the clothing items, and then other players can buy them.

Tips to Remember when you are Changing the Username & Display Name on ROBLOX

how to change your name on roblox
how to change your name on roblox

Are you converting your username to a new one on Roblox? If yes, you have to bear in mind some rules and restrictions that this server will give you when they see some glitch on the app.

There are some points that you have to note when you are going to change the Roblox name.

  • The username can’t be more than 20 words and does not contain spaces.
  • You can use just one underscore in your username.
  • Users have to pay to change the name to about 1000 of Rubox.
  • Users can not apply the same name that other players or users already have.
  • You can see your old username in your account settings section.
  • Your previous username list will appear on your account settings page.

For changing the display name, there are some rules and restrictions Roblox applied that you have to follow. So the users are advised to keep their display name according to the following guideline.

  • The display name can’t be more than consist of 20 words.
  • Users can apply the same name that other players or users already have.
  • The user can change the name once in 7 days.
  • It is cost-free to convert the display name on the Roblox app.
  • If any users don’t want to mention their display name, don’t worry about it. Your username will be shown in the place of the display name.

How To Change Roblox Name on Android & iPhone – Roblox Username

Here are the steps you must follow when using your phone device and want to change the username on Android & iOS devices.

  • Roblox Login to your account on your phone.
  • Go to the settings and then accountinfo. In the Account info, you can edit your username.
  • Now type the new username that you want to pick at the username bar.
  • Then type your ROBLOX account password.
  • Now you have to pay 1000 Robux to change the name.
  • If you have it so, hit the buy

Now your username is changed on your phone device.

How to Change the Roblox User Name on a PC or Mac Device

Whatever browser you use does not matter as long as you open the Roblox website. Changing the username would be the same while using the MacBook and computer. Follow the steps to change the username of your Roblox.

  • Log in to the Roblox account.
  • Click on the settings and then tap on the Account info tab.
  • Here type your new username in the username box.
  • Now type your Roblox account password, and tap on the buy

NOTE: You have to pay to change your username. Otherwise, you can’t change your username because it has in their policy. The cost is about 1000 Robux to change the username.

How to Change the Username on ROBLOX on PlayStation4 and XBOX

Changing the username on PS4 and Xbox on Roblox is similar. The steps are given below.

  • Open the Roblox app on your device.
  • Log in to Roblox and go to the settings.
  • Then open the accountinfo. Here click on the edit and type your desired username.
  • Now type the password of your Roblox account.
  • Tap on the buy If you have 1000 of Robux, pay to change your username

Now your username is changed to the new one. The steps are the same for both Xbox and PS4.

Changing Your Roblox Display Name on any Device

The display name identifies you on Roblox with your friends. To change the display name on Roblox is an easy method. Here are the steps you can follow to convert the display name.

  • Log in to the Roblox account.
  • Go to the accountsettings and then accountinformation.
  • In the Account info, you can change the display name.
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the display name. Type the new name that you want to pick.
  • Now tap on the Save button to convert the display name.

Dissimilarities between User and Display Name on Roblox

The significant difference between the user and display name is that when you convert your username to another one, you must pay some Robux. A username is required when you want to log in to your account and is unique from others because Roblox does not allow its users to use the same usernames.

While you can change your display name on Roblox easily, and you would not have to pay for it. However, two or more people can take the same display name.


You can play and create new games on Roblox with your friends. And if you are bored of playing with your old username and display name, the game allows users to pick a new interesting one. So here in this article, we have shared with you the steps, tricks, and tips for quickly choosing a new name. So tell us in the comment section how much this article guide you, and if you have any questions related to this guide, you can freely ask us one more thing: which game you played the most on the Roblox.

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