Save Tiktok to Camera Roll (A Useful Guide)

Tiktok is the most popular social media platform for video creation, editing, and sharing. It allows users to upload videos as well as watch others’, with the ability to like, comment, and save them. But how do you keep a TikTok on your Camera Roll? Don’t worry. We’ll go over some of the steps that help you to save a TikTok to camera roll.

You might wish to save a TikTok to your gallery if you appreciate other people’s videos or if you’re thinking of canceling your account and want a backup of your own reels on your phone. You may simply accomplish this on TikTok. Do not worry if you are unaware of it; we will walk you through the process of saving the Tiktoks to camera roll.

How to Save Tiktok to Camera Roll (Several Methods)

Tiktok quickly became the most popular app, and its popularity continues to grow. It allows you to connect with millions of people and watch their videos. It is a large platform with millions of videos. You can easily download the videos if you enjoy them. So here, we will discuss a few methods to save the Tiktoks to camera roll.

1. Utilize the Tiktoke App Save Feature

So, here we will discuss how we can use the TikTok app save feature. So follow the given steps to save the videos to the camera roll.

  • Install or Update TikTok- To save the videos, you must have the updated version of the app on your phone. If you have not downloaded the new version, then first update the TikTok through Google play before going to the next steps.
  • Locate the Video you would like to Save- if you wish to save one of your own TikTok, locate it to your profile and drop it down until you discover it. Moreover, if you want to download a video that another TikToker has published, so you can locate it from the Search bar.
  • It is also possible to navigate a flagged video by going to your profile page and striking the flag icon. Similarly, you can also hit the heart icon in the middle of the screen to locate the Video.
  • Save the Video-so you can open the Video in this step and then push down on the screen until the options menu display. You will see the Save Video or Download option there. After that, you can also strike the share icon navigated at the bottom right corner of the screen & choose the Download
  • Locate the Video-move to your camera roll and find the Video you have just saved under the Tiktok album.

2. Save TikTok Videos As a GIF to Camera Roll

This method will show you how to save videos that do not have the save icon. Some video holders limit all downloads for their videos, and because of this, the icon vanishes from the options menu. Thus, there are some alternatives, such as saving the video as a GIF. For this, you have to chase the given steps.

  • Locate and view the Video you wish to save.
  • Click on the Share icon formed like an arrow.
  • After that, select the Share as GIF
  • Then, TikTok will convert the Video into a GIF and save it to your phone.
  • Later, the GIF will be saved in your Camera Roll or Gallery in the TikTok album.

3. Save the TikTok Video from Instagram to Camera Roll

It is another way through which you can download the videos that the owner has blocked from downloading by using Instagram. So here are some steps you should follow to download the Video.

  • Tap the Share icon on TikTok while watching the Video.
  • Select the Instagram Story option to share your Video.
  • Wait until TikTok saves the Video to Instagram.
  • To save the Video to your camera roll, tap the download icon at the top of the Instagram story page.

Download Videos with Third-Party Software

how to save a tiktok to camera roll
how to save a tiktok to camera roll

Another trick is to save a TikTok video to a Camera roll that does not have the save option. So, there are so many tools and apps that allow people to download any video they wish by using their link. Similarly, this method is also convenient for those who need to save the Tiktok videos to their computers and not occupy the partial storage space on their smartphones. So, you must first acquire the link to your desired TikTok video before using any of these apps. So let’s move to the steps.

  • Open the TikTok app on your smartphone, view your favorite browser on your desktop & move to the TikTok website, and log in to your account.
  • Next, locate the Video you want to download and tap the share button.
  • After that, select Copy Link from the options menu bar.
  • You can also copy the Video’s URL into the browser.

Now that you have the link, you can use any given software to install your Video.

1. MusicallyDown

It’s a free website where you can download Tiktok videos. Hence, you can use it on your phone or your desktop. So, go to the website, put the video link in the box, and press the Download option. Wait until the video is processed, and then start downloading.

2. Kapwing App to Save TikTok to Camera Roll

It is another alternative tool for downloading videos with more advanced features. So move to the website and press the Start Editing button. Then, insert the video link in the URL field. Be patient until the video uploads to the studio, and now you can edit it by adding text, modifying the music, resizing, and so on.

When you are done with editing, press the Export Video option. Then wait for the studio until the video is processed, and next, you have to tap on the Download button. After that, hold on to the video and save it to your camera roll if you are using this software on your phone.

3. SnapTik

It is another handy software that you can use for downloading the Tiktok. So move to the website and paste the link of the video into the URL field and tap on the Download option.

4. Other Apps

There are so many other apps and software that are solely dedicated to downloading videos. Like the video downloader for social media, it is designed for Android phones. At the same time, iPhone users can add the shortcut of the Tiktok downloader to their main page and can use that for downloading the videos.

How to Save your Own Videos From TikTok

Here are some steps that might help you download your videos from the Tiktok app.

how to save a tiktok draft to camera roll
how to save a tiktok draft to camera roll
  • Go to the TikTok app and push the Me option at the bottom right of the display.
  • Locate the video you want to download on your profile and enter it.
  • Click on the icon with three horizontal dots at the right of the display.
  • Next, opt for “Save Video.” And push enter.

After completing the above steps, your TikTok video will be save to your camera roll. This can be super useful when you create your own sound for a TikTok video and wish to save that video to your phone to keep it safe. Moreover, you have to save each video manually after posting it.

How can we Download all Tiktok Data?

Unfortunately, you are not able to automatically download each TikTok you post. You can save all your data at once with the given steps by following these steps.

  • Go to the TikTok app and hit the Me button at the bottom right of the display.
  • Click on the icon with three horizontal dots at the right of the screen.
  • Then, locate to Privacy> Personalization and data > download your data.
  • Hit the “Request Data.”

So, within four days, TikTok will inform you that your download is ready, and you can save it to your phone.

Final Thoughts

Hope we have cleared all your doubts. You can easily download your videos and other people’s videos to your camera roll by following the above methods. Ensure that the video has the save option; if not, you can use the alternative methods mentioned above. Still, if you have any difficulty, feel free to comment below.

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