How To Solve a Rubik’s Cube: An Easy Guide

Watching a ‘speedcuber’ running his fingers on a 3x3x3 cube, filled with mixed colors,and in twisted shape; only to be solved in a uniformity—even at breakneck speed—surely is quite satisfying. Now at home, you tried to repeat the same moves, you have seen that ‘speedcuber’ in solving the cube. But, as soon as you solved the first face, you got stuck. Don’t worry. You belong to 99.99% of people who couldn’t figure out the perplexing cube at the first time. So, this ‘confusion’ leads you here to ‘how to solve a Rubik’s cube: An Easy Guide.’

However, one thing you should keep in your mind: Solving a cube is not a piece of cake, even harder to crack at breakneck speed. Keeping that in mind, you are going to need ‘loads’ of determination to master the Rubik’s cube.

This article on ‘how to solve a Rubik’s cube’ will provide you with all the right techniques and tricks to make you a PRO in solving Rubik’s cube, but it’s on you to do the heavy lifting.

Soon you will be READY to impress everyone with your speedcubing!

Rubik’s Cube — Finding Way Out of the Maze

Rubik’s cube has a history attached to it. Named after its founder Erno Rubrik, a Hungarian professor of architecture, who wanted to build a three-dimensional model to better explain to his students about three-dimensional movement. He came up with this cube which he called MagicCube.

It was later renamed as Rubik cube.The cube has inspired a competition of speedcubing, artworks, and films, and sold as many as 450 million cubes so far—making it history’s best-selling toy.

how to solve a Rubik’s cube
how to solve a Rubik’s cube

How To Solve a Rubik’s Cube: Several Methods

There are several methods to solve Rubik’s cube method. All these methods enhance your speed to solve the cube. However, every method has a different style to learn. So, do check what method suits you best.

  • Fridrich Method: CPOF orFridrich is the main method of ‘speedcubing’ out there. The method was easy to learn but at the same time hard to master.
  • Roux Method: Second in line is the Roux method. It is competing with CPOF for popularity.
  • Metha Method:Developed by Yash Metha. It was initially designed for 3×3 but later adopted by Matthew Hinton for big cubes.
  • ZZ Method: This method is used to better your finger tricking opportunities and trim the CPOF’s move count.

Before Starting How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube: You Need To Know This

The terminologies or simply vocab of cube is important to know before we dive into the main part.

  • Edge: It is a point where two visible colors meet.
  • Corner: As the name suggests, a corner piece is the corner of a cube.
  • Centre: The center is the center of the cube which is fixed and does not moveIts position.
  • Layer: There are three layers in the cube consisting of 9 blocks.
  • Faces: In Rubik’s cube there are six faces.

Rubik’s Cube Notation

  1. Front; F
  2. Right: R
  3. Up: U
  4. Left: L
  5. Down: D

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube: Here We Come

It’s here you will learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube to impress everyone around you. Follow the below instructions:

1.      Solve Any Edges

Pick white first. Because solving white faces is relatively easy due to there being no solved faces yet. Just simply rotate the pieces to get the white pieces in place.

2.      Now Time For White Corners

Get your edges set. It’s time to set the corners. It is also as easy as doing edges. For help try this: Get the white corner at the top of the layer by rotating it. This makes it use the notation that has been mentioned above. They are R D R D.

3.      Second Layer

It’s where many people feel the ‘cube is impossible’ to crack. Due to the use the algorithms, it gets a bit hard to crack. But worry not we are here for your assistance. These algorithms are called Right and Left. The left and right algorithms push the left side of the edge pieces from the front-up spot and the Right turns it to the right respectively.

4.      Yellow Cross

In the last layer, you have to solve the yellow cross present on the cube’s top. There are two steps: At first, adjust the yellow cross on the top by adjusting them. After this, pieces would be swapped to match the side colors.

5.      Yellow Edges

The next step is to put the yellow edges on the top to match the side colors of the center pieces. This is a bit hard nut to crack. But you will figure it out in time.

6.      Place Yellow Corners On Their Places

After successfully placing the yellow edges on the top of the cube, the next step is to put the yellow crosses in the right spot. The algorithm will be used here (again): URU’L’UR’U’L. Repeat this on the pieces by inverse rotation.

7.      Orient Yellow Colours

The last step is to orient the yellow corners correctly. R D R D algorithm is again put up to use to set the position of yellow stickers in line.

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