Pair Firestick Remote To TV Volume – How To Do?

The Amazon Firesticks are prevalent streaming devices because of their miscellaneous application support. However, when you purchase a firestick device, you will gain a convention remote also that you can use to control some essential features on your television. The latest version of Firestick remote 4K has additional features like volume, power on and off, mute, home screen, and many others. But remember that these (volume) buttons work when both firestick devices (TV and remote) pair with each other.

This guide instructs you on how to pair your Firestick remote and television to control the volume and other functions. So, possess read to acquire about it.


  • If your remote does not have a volume button, you can use your television speaker to control the volume.
  • If you want to sync your television and remote device, you must enable the HDMI-CEC from your television’s settings.
  • IR-Profile of your television device is required when you want to pair it with the latest version of the Amazon Firestick remote.
  • Various Amazon firestick remotes are companionable, and you can pair them with T.V. devices like Apple Ruko, Xbox, Samsung, and others.

The Amazon Firestick Remote

The Amazon firestick remote is a powerful device you can set up to do basic controls on your television. However, the device has been improvised very well over the years. The Amazon Firestick 4k was unveiled in 2018 as the latest remote accessible in markets and is retailed separately and with a compatible device. This revenue that if you have an earlier version of the firestick device and remote, so, fortunately, you can buy the latest third-generation Firestick remote without purchasing a new firestick Streaming device.

Similarly, if you want to control the volume on your television device, it has to sustain HDMI-CEC (high-definition media interface-consumer electronic control) to work. If your tv device does not support it, the remote might not respond to control the television.

Moreover, all firestick remotes can’t control the television volume. Regulating the volume feature on T.V. did not apply to all fire streaming devices until the latest firestick remote.

Can I Pair Firestick Remote to TV to Volume?

I Pair Firestick Remote to TV to Volume
I Pair Firestick Remote to TV to Volume

Amazon’s latest Firestick 4K remote is training to enable several features in their remote: a mute button, volume rocker, a power switch for television, and more. It means that you may not require television buttons to switch commands. Also, the latest version of the firestick remote supports various television brands like Ruko, Xbox, Apple, and others. So, there is not any problem with compatibility.

Firstly, you have to pair both your devices. Suppose you want to switch on the firestick volume to control your television device. Put the battery cells into the remote, then follow the below guide to pairing both your (remote and television) devices.

  • Switch on your television device and then press the home button on your remote.
  • Then go to the settings option. After that, a menu list popup on the screen.
  • Here select the Equipment Control option. Here go to T.V then Change T.V.
  • Now choose the brand of your Smart T.V. from the list.
  • Press the power button to turn off your television device.
  • Now wait for a minute and turn on your T.V.
  • You will be inquired (Did your T.V. turn off and then back on when you tap the power button).
  • Choose the Yes option from the choices. If it did not work, select the No option to process again.
  • Now, put the I.R. Profile of your television device; after putting it in, your remote is set up to process.

Now, you can use your Firestick remote to regulate your television’s volume.

Can I Use Alexa to Pair Firestick Remote & TV to Volume

Alexa to Pair Firestick Remote & TV to Volume
Alexa to Pair Firestick Remote & TV to Volume

Suppose you don’t have the latest firestick remote (4K) version that can control and enable the volume of your television device. You can still apply the Alexa voice command to control your television’s voice. However, this command is not working on every television. But if your tv device sustains CEC, you can regulate the volume with any Amazon firestick remote.

Here we instruct how to pair your tv and Alexa 1st and 2nd Gen remote to volume.

Connect 1st Generation of Firestick Remote to T.V

  • First, power off your television device and wait for a minute.
  • Now press and hold the left and menu buttons at the same time for 15 sec.
  • Release the buttons, wait for a minute, and remove the batteries.
  • After that, put the batteries back and again wait for a minute.
  •  Now power on your T.V device and tap on the home button.
  • Your television and Alexa remote are successfully synced.

Pair 2nd Generation of Firestick Remote to TV to Control Volume

  • Press and hold the home button from your remote device.
  • Concurrently, press the menu button three times.
  • Release the home button and press the menu button nine times.
  • Now remove the battery cells and switch off your tv.
  • Wait for a minute, and then put the cells back into your remote
  • Power on your television again and press and hold the home button for 30 seconds.
  • After a minute, the home screen appears on your T.V.

NOTE: Follow the Steps of both (1st and 2nd generation of Firestick remote) to pair with your TV to regulate the volume and other functions because the steps are quite different.

Firestick Remote Not Working Properly – Reasons

The Firestick remote is refusing to work appropriately for several reasons that you can fix and apply a power cycle. After that, it still did not work. So here, we have collected some probable motives for the remote not to work.

  • Check signals Obstacles
  • Set tv’s I.R. Profile
  • Check remote Batteries
  • Check HDMI connections
  • Change the equipment settings
  • Restart your television

NOTE: Numerous individuals claim that running the remote setup on your television device requires at least two to three times as much processing time. Try doing it a few times because the remote is essential for navigating and matching with the T.V.’s I.R. receiver. Be patient and curious instead.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the capability to pair and control your TV volume from the Firestick Remote is unpretentious, as long as you have the newest Firestick remote 4K series. Because it has been progressively extemporized over the years by the Amazon company.

However, if your television device sustains HDMI-CEC, it can control and pair both devices possible to work. Moreover, if you have an older version of the Firestick remote, you can command Alexa to do. So let us know below in the comment box that this guide helps you sync your devices.

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