What is a teraflop & its Importance In Games

What is a teraflop? As a gamer, it’s important to modify a computer technically so it can run high-graphic games on your PC. Moreover, maybe you’ll be familiar with the graphics card.

Merely take GPU as a lifeline for gamers because without having a graphics card, a gamer’s computer won’t run high-resolution graphic games. Gamers are not technical people though they are more visually active.

However, they know some aspects of technology related to the motherboard and GPU but are unaware of the deep technical stuff.

We are talking about Teraflop, what the heck teraflop actually is. Most people ask that question repeatedly because they wrestle to find a suitable answer.

In this article, we’ll try to explain it in a sweet sugar way so everyone can understand it easily.

What is a Teraflop? Anyway

Tera and flop are two different words where terra means trillion and flop means floating point operation per second. Teraflop is the raw mathematical data calculation happening inside your GPU every given second.

Let me tell you in simple words. Tera flops measure how many calculations your console or PC GPU can handle to render the game graphics you see on your display.

If we dive further, GPU’s full abbreviation was graphics processing unit means it renders the images you’re seeing on your TV, laptop, mobile, etc.

Although, it’s important to have a powerful GPU when it comes to high graphic games cause a powerful GPU can render large images in a given moment.

Tera flops demands processors to handle 1 trillion floating points in a second. Suppose your PC processor can process up to 5 teraflops calculations in a second, then it’s a sign that your PC is compatible for giving a better gameplay experience.

Recently Microsoft introduced its Xbox x processor, which can handle up to 12 teraflops in one second. In simple words, 12 trillion floating point in every given second.

However, the Apple MacBook pro in 2019 has already introduced a processor which can process up to 56 teraflops in a given second.

How floating point calculation works?

point calculation works
point calculation works


We’ll try to explain floating point calculations like a baby poem. The floating point represents your computer performance. Once you start using flops, it’ll become a common term that you are talking about computer ability.

Combining floating points, normal numbers, integers, irrational numbers, and decimal point numbers become a set of all numbers. According to a computer point of view, floating points calculation are like any calculation that uses floating point numbers.

A floating point is more useful than a fixed point calculation. Moreover, a computer uses more floating point numbers than any other because it solves many complications.

There are several types of flops, such as mega(million), Giga(billion), and teraflops(trillion) floating points calculation used accordingly to various devices.

The work of the flop is to measure all the equations inside GPU your processor can handle in one second regarding gaming. Nowadays, companies display flops on their electronic devices as a specification.

Instead, if you want to calculate the teraflop equation on your own, however, the equation is as follows.

Flops =sockets* cores/socket * clock * Flops/cycle

Does Teraflops Affect Gaming Performance?

Affect Gaming Performance
Affect Gaming Performance

TeraFlop is a functional chip inside your PC or gaming consoles, but the work of T-flops for different devices is the same. As we discussed earlier, Microsoft introduced its Xbox series that can process up to 12 Teraflops in one second.

However, Teraflop does affect your gaming because the processor doesn’t perform every task on your PC. Moreover, the tasks are divided inside your PC into different components so as Teraflops. Teraflops performs its activity, as we said before, by measuring mathematical data and calculating floating points in a single second.

You need to develop a GPU with more powerful teraflops to render these large images in gaming. Teraflops’ calculation capacity must be more so it can easily calculate high frame rates in a given second and give a smooth gaming experience.

Frame rates are a collection of images captured in a moment, so more speed of capturing images means more smoothness to the video. Microsoft designed an algorithm named variable rate shading(VRS) that renders the image from different angles by looking at the most focused object in the image.

That’s why the graphic game looks more augmented and takes us to a game simulation.

Do I have to Keep an Eye on Teraflop Count While Buying A GPU?

You are in the market and willing to buy a perfect GPU for your PC. Firstly look at the overall specifications of the GPU. It’s not necessary to just buy a GPU by seeing its teraflop count rates, although other things matter too.

However, gaming consoles & PCs today have higher teraflop count rates built-in inside. Keeping an eye on other components is more important, like heat support, modern features for current games, etc.

What are Petaflops and the Supercomputer with the Most Flops Counts?

Petaflops is the big bad brother of the teraflops. However, the teraflops can count up to trillion floating points in a given second.

Although on the other hand, petaflops can count one thousand million million (1015) floating points in a single second. In simple words, the talk goes to quadrillion in numbers.

I know it blows your mind what the hell that count is – but that’s true. The performance with petaflops doesn’t compare to any other flops in the market. Instead, it’s used in supercomputers.

Moreover, the supercomputer with the most flop count was invented in Japan named, Fugaku. Fujitsu and Riken are two peoples who invented this monster. With the power of 442 petaflops, it scores to be one the most powerful supercomputer on earth.

What is the Difference between Gigahertz & Teraflops

Both are dissimilar from each other their works are divided into performing different activities. However, gigahertz is responsible for measuring the clock speed of the processor, whereas, on the other hand, Teraflop is used to measure floating points in a second.

Instead, gigahertz executes pipeline depth, instruction sets, internal cache, software design, and so on. Moreover, Teraflop is responsible for rendering fast image calculations.

What is a teraflop in short?

Teraflop is a mathematical equation solver inside your GPU that calculates a particular category of numbers known as floating points. One Teraflop can calculate up to 1 trillion floating points in a single second.

Teraflops is responsible for calculating the equation of large image frame rates in a given second. Teraflops can be used for different aspects, but the important one is gaming because the game’s visual acts in the current moment where the need to calculate the large images is crucial, and Teraflop plays a part here. For further queries, comment down below, and we’ll try to give the best possible answer.

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